Delivery - How do I get my data?

All purchases that exceed $75 USD will be delivered via USPS Priority Mail. With this service, packages reach their destination in 2-3 days within the US, and 5-7 days abroad. Please note that this does not reflect time for Customs delays. 

Upon receiving your first shipment and signing for the package your online account will be activated. After activation you will be able to download additional copies of your product, as well as access additional data formats. Also, all further purchases made on your account will be activated for immediate download as well without the need to wait for shipment once your account is in a verified status. 

For first time orders under $75, your data will be made available via download after you have completed the fraud verification process

If you wish to expedite your initial order and bypass the physical delivery requirement, you can create a support request after your purchase and attach a scanned copy of the credit card used to make the order showing that you are in physical possession of the card. After receipt, downloads can be enabled right away.

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