Can you explain more on the different formats?

This the different formats you can receive you're data in. The default download will be in CSV file format. However you can receive the database in any of the formats listed at you're request. 

MS Excel
Data will be delivered in Microsoft Excel 2003 compatible (.xls) file format. Please keep in mind that Excel has row and column limit restrictions. So data-sets with over massive amounts of records are not available in this format. 

MySQL Dump
Data files in in MySQL file formats can be downloaded in a raw MySQL cross compatible file dump. The file will have the required create table statements and all of the insert statements for each marketing lead scripted in the file. If you are familiar with phpMyAdmin, then this will only require a simple 1 click import, and your new MySQL database will be up and running. 

CSV (Comma Seperated Values)
The CSV ("Comma Separated Value") file format is often used to exchange data between disparate applications. If you are using a special application to manage your marketing or business leads, this is probably the best option for you. Most applications that will allow you to import data will accept csv files as a base option. 

MS Access
This download option will be downloaded as an Microsoft Access 2003 compatible (.mdb) Database File. 

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